Cookies N’ Cream

Fun Fact: Did you know that the first Cookies ‘n Cream flavor was invented in 1979 by the dairy plant on the campus of South Dakota State University? It has been wildly popular ever since and sees a resurgence in popularity every Spring with new varieties of cookies and candies being released! Try it in an iced latte for more fun!                      **Infused Cold Foam: Combine 3 oz. low-fat milk with ½ oz. Cookie Butter Syrup, whip until frothy**

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Adjust Servings
1oz Monin® Dark Chocolate Sauce
2oz Espresso
2oz Milk
.5oz Monin® Cookie Butter Infused Cold Foam
Crushed oreos


Fill serving glass full of ice.
Mark as complete
Pour ingredients into serving glass in order listed.
Mark as complete
Stir gently to mix.
Mark as complete
Add garnish and serve.
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